Call for Creations – Lifestyle!

How are we supposed to live our life? What actually is life? For some, this is the most fundamental question of Philosophy. For others, it is a matter of choosing the right codes, products, friends – or as Charles Dickens simply put it: If you read Funzel you’re cool. And if you don’t, may we add, you’re a dickhead.

Somewhere between Existentialism and Interior Design, between shopping and fucking, Aristotle and Armani, there is a black hole in which the fifth issue of Funzel is frantically pacing about. What keeps our life together? The search for happiness? The just society? Or is it just Sex, Drugs and Industrial-Techno?

In search of the latest life-hacks Funzel invites you to switch from Modus vivendi to the Modus operandi. The question of the distinctness and normativity, the justification and meaning of our life does not only arise if we think about the sense, essence and means of the project life. But at the dawn of the next decades these questions seem to force themselves on us. Might it be that we are on the verge of undermining our lifestyle? What rules are natural to us, which ones ought to be changed, accepted, overthrown? Has the art of living given way to a struggle for life? Did something like savoir-vivre ever exist, and if so, what did it look like?

The most blatant consumer experience of philosophical Lifestyle-literature ends on the 31.05.2019!

Essays, columns, reviews and conversant prose are to be mailed to

Word limit: 3000 Words. Languages: German/English/Latin.

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